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At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Team, we believe that honesty is the key to retaining our customer base and having successful business. We strive to give all our customers the correct information pertaining our hardwood floor refinishing. Our hardwood floor refinishing team believes in honesty in each and every project that they undertake. Our honest approach to our customers has helped us to retain our customers and also have others referred for our business. Check out our services by calling us on 888-754-9997 and you will enjoy the best services.


Reliable team

We have reliable team members who are always on stand by to assist you in any kind of wood floor refinishing.Our hardwood floor refinishing team are well trained to be alert all the time and attend to all your enquires. We have a team of more than ten who are working with us full time, thus giving you all the attention that need for your hardwood floor refinishing. Clients love a reliable company and one that they can rely on 24/7 and at Hardwood Floor Refinishing Team, we pride in offering reliable services.


After Sale services

After our clients have received our wood floor refinishing services we ensure that we follow up on each and every project. Our hardwood floor refinishing team will always come back to your home to access if the project they were undertaking is going on correctly and if you hare facing any problems. We will also offer maintenance for all the projects that we undertake for a period of one year. It doesnt matter the kind of refinishing wood floor that you desire, we will ensure you get the best, find us on 888-754-9997, for more information.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

* Screening hardwood floors

Screening is done to maintain a floor that is in good condition. The process of screening involves lightly sanding of the floor top layer of the existing finishing. The screening process of your floor helps in promoting of adhesion of the new coat of finishing that you will be applying. Our hardwood floor refinishing team will perform the screening process and ensure that it is done to the perfection. At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Team, we will advice you on whether your floor needs screening or it need sanding. Screening will help remove the top layer scratches while the deep scratches will not be removed. Talk to use on 888-754-9997 if you have any screening that needs to be done on your floors.

* Choosing stain color

We know that most clients do not know how to choose the stain color for your hardwood floor refinishing. The best way that our client can choose the stain color that they love is by doing it practically. Our hardwood floor refinishing team at 888-754-9997, will give you different colors to choose from. Simply pick the ones that you love and you can test them on our testing hardwood floors in our show rooms. Once you have used our color testing floor wood you can then make your decision on the kind of stain color that you prefer for your floor.We can even mix more than one color to come up with something unique and beautiful.

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